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  1. Learn The Best Protein On The Planet To Consume

    October 12, 2011 by Matt

    Have you ever wanted to know what the best protein powder on the planet was? Well if you have recently decided to make sure you are getting all the health you need then this can be something that can really change your life.

    Recently studies have shown that because of all the processed foods we eat on a daily basis, our bodies are increasingly becoming more susceptible to many forms of diseases that stem from anything cancer related to obesity. And obesity is becoming the number one cause of death as well because it can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cause heart related illness and many other unhealthy factors that we want to get rid of in our lives.

    This is why changing up your diet to eating more natural organic foods as well as consuming the number one protein on the planet known as whey protein can literally change your life. While this may sound like an exaggeration, it is actually quite an understatement. The thing you should know is that not all whey proteins are the same because many of them are processed in different ways, which makes some of them much better than others.

    While some are overly processed other whey proteins tend to be more natural and organic like anything that is undenatured or what is also referred to as being cold processed. High heat processing tends to kill a lot of nutrients and so you want to avoid that.

    Also you should make sure that the cows that are producing the whey protein are the healthiest cows out there. Many animals nowadays are fed not only processed foods as well but are fed an unnatural diet of corn which most of the times is genetically modified. This can eventually make its way into the whey protein and you may actually be consuming a whey protein that has little to no effect on you.

    The reason why whey protein is considered to be the best is actually because of its natural and organic qualities to it, so finding a whey protein that is made from the healthiest cows on the planet is extremely important. So if you are looking to find a whey protein there are a few things you want to look out for. You cannot go on price when it comes to taking a protein supplement or any other health supplement and in fact most of the time you purchase a supplement the reason why you pay more money is because they are drastically superior.

    So if you want to take the best protein on the planet then you want to make sure you are taking grass fed whey protein powder because it is head and shoulders above the rest and considered to actually be the number one protein in the world to consume.

  2. Road Trips Can Be A Health Killer

    July 27, 2011 by Matt

    So just recently I had moved across country from Orlando, Florida – Home of Mickey Mouse yes and all the way out to Los Angeles, California. It is definitely a big change but in a great way. I’ve spent a lot of time out here but one of the reasons I love California is because everybody so health conscious which is great for me and helps me fit in when I tell people I’m a nutritionist.

    But I will tell you the hardest thing for me was eating healthy driving out here. If you are going on a road trip this probably won’t even cross your mind but you tend to eat quickly so you can stay on the road and that can be a calorie killer. Even for me I tried my best but it is just simply not easy.

    Which brings me to the point that you should bring some snacks along with you. Not only that but it helped me realize I should be telling you guys that when you are hungry it is ok to graze throughout the day and have 4-6 smaller meals with some snacks.

    HOWEVER: Make sure those snacks are organic and healthy. One of the best snacks I took along my trip was assorted nuts that were low in sodium. These helps fill you up and give you lots of protein that you are going to need. Also dried and fresh fruits are great to snag as well.

    But I also wanted to share with you what happened when I was traveling through Austin, Texas to stay at my other buddy Matt’s house. I had asked him if there were any juice bars around and he pointed me in the direction of this place called “The Daily Juice Co.”

    Needless to say this place was incredible. It was loaded with incredible superfood, natural, and organic juices and smoothies that give you the natural boost I’m always talking about with whey protein smoothies.

    I had this natural coconut, banana & kale drink called the CoCo Loco that was incredible. And luckily for me because I was driving and moving all my stuff I happened to have my favorite whey protein powder in the car with me I threw in.

    That was a lifesaver and really helped me stay on track. But that being said if you are ever in Austin Texas look up “The Daily Juice Co.” because it is this little hippie joint with tons of great stuff and information on health food and they are spot on.

    The other interesting part was how happy everybody was there. I mean smiles for days on everyone’s faces and I could tell that is partially because they enjoy living and eating a healthy lifestyle.

    So make sure you are doing the same. I know it’s been a while since my last post but chalk that up to the big move. So stay healthy and if you’re on the road or stuck in traffic get yourself some nuts or grab a whey smoothie to take along the way.

    More posts coming soon — I promise 🙂

    -Matt Smith

  3. Whey Protein Is Considered The Perfect Protein

    June 23, 2011 by Matt

    There’s been this ever slight emergence of the term BV, or Biological Value, in the health and food industry. Maybe you have heard of this somewhere while reading about protein supplements, but what exactly is this? By the time you get through reading this article you are going to understand not only what biological value means but also which food contains the perfect amount.

    Without further ado there is one protein supplement that is considered by the health food industry to have the perfect biological value and that is whey protein powder. In fact it was given an actual 100% biological value which is anywhere from 4-45% higher than other proteins such as meat protein, egg proteins, and even soy proteins.

    What does biological value actually mean though? Well it refers to the amount of the supplement that your body will absorb. In this case your body will utilize all the great vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants that are included within the whey protein.

    This is just one reason why whey protein is the absolute best protein powder on the planet. However not all whey proteins are the same because they are all manufactured differently but there are really two types of whey proteins you will discover. Denatured whey protein and undenatured whey protein. What’s the difference?

    Denatured whey protein is whey processed at higher temperatures during the cheesing process. This actually tends to kill enzymes and nutrients. For this reason you want to make sure you are taking the best protein supplement you can so if you want to find the best whey protein then go for an undenatured grass fed whey protein.

    What is great about this though is that it is so well rounded that it is actually considered to be a superfood as well. If you are constantly consuming superfoods it will do wonders for your body. Not only are you going to be loading your body with those vitamins and minerals that we know are getting absorbed but because it is so well rounded you are going to get an extra surge of energy you might be desperately needing.

    These are the key ingredients to not only losing weight, but toning your body, building up your immune system as well as fighting off bad cholesterol and also fight off certain causes of cancer.

    So when you are searching for a supplement to take that will give your body everything it needs look no further than undenatured whey protein powder.

  4. Frozen Fruits Are A Lifesaver

    June 22, 2011 by Matt

    One of the areas of the supermarket I absolutely love is the frozen foods section. Surprisingly, most people think that this area is a death trap when it comes to dieting and weight loss but that really depends on what part of the frozen foods section you’re in. Obviously the HungryMan or even Lean Cuisines are not going to do it for you because they are loaded with sodium which packs on the pounds.

    But what I’m talking about is the frozen fruits section. The reason why I love this is because of the wide array of different fruits you can get from mangos to blueberries to mixed berries to rhubarb (note to self I’ll do a blog post on this tart little food soon).

    These are great to store in your freezer for literally months at a time and are in most cases MORE healthy than fresh fruits. But how is that possible?

    Listen to what Fitness Magazine has to say about it: “With shipping and storage, fresh fruit can often sit around for as long as two weeks before it hits your supermarket,” says Suzanne Henson, RD, director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s EatRight Weight Management Program. “During that time, it can lose a lot of its nutrients, especially vitamin C.

    In contrast, frozen fruit is often picked and frozen at the peak of freshness. It’s also a better choice for concocting smoothies. But watch out for frozen fruits in syrup — it packs extra calories.”

    And this is another great concept that I utilize quite often with my whey protein shakes. Because fresh fruit can go bad in less than a week, storing frozen fruits work well with smoothies and taste deliciously ripe as well.

    So the next time you’re at the supermarket head for the frozen food section and when you get home make yourself a smoothie with my recommended whey protein powder. I know you’re going to love this and it’ll taste so good it’ll be like dessert…but healthier.


    -Matt Smith

  5. Beware Of Farm Raised Foods!

    June 12, 2011 by Matt

    This is something that has gained a lot of steam lately and I definitely don’t think that people are aware of the inherent side effects of eating farm raised foods. For instance, when you go to your neighborhood grocery store and for me since I’m in Orlando that is hands down Publix (best deli subs on the planet) then go check out the seafood counter.

    You’ll notice when you belly up to the glass that you’ll see something like Medium Size Shrimp. Underneath that you will see a fraction like  21/25 and beneath that they should have whether it is farmed or wild and the location of where. First let me explain what to look for here and what the fraction means.

    Everything in the seafood section including fish is weighed and priced by pounds. So for the fraction they are telling you between 21 to 25 shrimps will equal one pound. It helps you portion out your meals but people ask me that all the time. Secondly, always look for “wild” instead of farmed and this includes the fish, shrimp, scallops, crab, lobster, shellfish etc.

    But is there a huge difference in eating this? Well overtime yes. As you know by now I am an avid person behind eating fresh organic foods and the reason is because they are all natural.

    The side effects of farm raised can cause risks in cancer!

    This is a major problem and the reason is because of the lack in nutrition. Foods grow organically because they know what nutrients and vitamins they needs to grow properly and more healthy. When we decide to intervene we tend to confuse things. That sounds too scientific, or existential like but here’s what I mean.

    Let’s take for instance fish. Fish are free to get lots of exercise in the open ocean or fresh waters with plenty of room which build up muscles and natural oils like Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils which are great for your heart and brain functionality.

    When we put them in a farm raised environment what is happening is that they tend to get crammed and rub against one another and this dense population in a small space can cause illnesses. Additionally, the actual natural behaviors of the fish are inhibited.

    Also you need to look at what the fish are eating. They say, “You are what you eat!” and the same is true for animals. If they eat healthy then when we eat them they taste healthy. Sorry vegetarians for that thought.

    The feed is one source of the toxins found in farm-raised fish. Farmed fish are fed pellets of food composed of ground-up fish remains, PCBs and antibiotics. PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, do not occur naturally in the environment and are toxic. They are found in high concentrations in most of the feed given to farmed fish. According to CNN Health, the farmed fish in the United States contain high amounts of PCBs. -Alia Butler

    This is a few major reasons why any food you should have should not be farmed, it should not be processed, and it should lead you to a longer and healthier life in doing so.

    The same is true when we recommend our whey protein powder, which is another great supplement and superfood that helps fight off cancer, aids weight loss, tones your body, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, prevents Alzheimer’s Disease and tons more.

    Go here to learn more about what whey protein powder I personally take and which I would recommend to you my friends.

    Hope you enjoyed the post. Leave some love!

    -Matt Smith