When To Take Whey Protein

May 19, 2011 by superch6

There is a lot of speculation and theory when it comes to gaining muscle and toning your body by using protein supplements but there really are only a few correct answers. In this article I am going to explain to you from a nutritionist’s and former professional athletes standpoint, which exactly is the most optimal protein supplement to take and when are the best times you should be taking it.

I am certain that if you have done any research at all then you realize that taking whey protein would undoubtedly be hands down the best for you to consume. The reason is because whey is actually considered to be the perfect protein meaning that it is a protein that contains all of the essential amino acids. For this reason and many others, it is also considered to be a superfood which you should be eating a lot to keep your body healthy and balanced.

If you are looking to take the best whey protein powder you should also be aware that you need to be taking it consistently. This is a major problem when it comes to getting everything you need out of your health supplements. When you forget to do this then your body is all out of whack and you need everything to get back on track and become more and more consistent. This is a major factor when getting yourself healthier.

Ok so back to the question, “When to take whey protein?”

Well one of the ways is to take it first thing in the morning. This reason is because your body has just undergone on average 8 hours of sleep without having any food or energy. This means that your protein levels are already way down and they need to be essentially boosted back up to normal.

The second time to take your whey protein would be right before you go to sleep but this comes with one important caveat. If you are not working out as much this is fine because protein breakdown will naturally occur when we go to sleep. So if you are essentially not wanting to build muscle mass at all then this is perfectly ok but if you work out then you want to avoid consuming before bed.

This brings us to our last and most optimal time to take the best whey protein powder and that is right after your workout. Most people exercise to some degree, and that is great because any exercise will cause your body to kickstart its metabolism. This is essentially turning on the engine of your body.

Additionally, this is what can drastically start burning calories and that extra unwanted body fat in the regions of your body that tend to hold this more easily like your belly or thighs.

Also right after your workout is what is called the bodies “Anabolic State” and this is the essential time to consume all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and proteins because your body is craving them. What happens during a workout is that your body is over-working its muscles and because of that they break down after use. After 15 to 30 minutes of working out you need to replenish that with more nutrients and vitamins so your body will quickly restore and build up its muscles stronger than they were to begin with.

Since you realize now that the perfect protein on the planet is whey protein then you need to make sure that you are consuming it post workout.

Lastly, I want you to know that it is possible to overtake protein supplements and most of the time the only people that tend to do this are extreme body builders because they are working out for hours on end doing isolated muscle lifting and the tend to over-estimate how much to consume.

The only real thing to note is that your body might overwork itself by doing this because it will not be able to process and break down all the proteins and amino acids and the extra will just go to waste. This also causes your liver and kidneys to workout overtime as well which also is not exactly healthy for you.

But realize that you need to stay consistent when it comes to taking whey protein and your body will respond much better. And if you do any exercise at all remember about your anabolic window and give your muscles time to recoup themselves because this will cause your muscles to tone up. If you have any other questions on dosages the labels will tell you what the most optimal grams to consume with each individually manufactured whey.