Whey Protein Concentrate – Our #1 Choice

April 29, 2011 by superch6

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Whey Protein Concentrate – Our #1 Choice

When looking at the different kinds of whey protein powder there are really only 3 different categories that this entails. First you have whey protein concentrate. Next you have whey protein isolates. And finally you have what are known as blends which you really should not be taking because they are inferior and often contain many other types of low quality protein simply so the manufacturer can increase the number of protein grams they can put on their nutrition label.

The fact of the matter is that whey protein isolate is the most pure form of protein available on the market today. It actually contains 90% or more protein and very little fat and lactose. But the issue is that most whey protein isolates are very processed and you actually lose a lot of the inherent benefits in the whey.  That’s why we only recommend a whey protein isolate that is completely undenatured, grass fed, and minimally processed.  You can find our pick for the best whey isolate by clicking here.

Our #1 Top Choice For Whey Protein Concentrate Is Essential Whey:

Essential Whey is made from 100% grass fed raw milk and is cold processed.  It is a vastly superior whey protein to anything you will find in your local supermarket or even health food store.  This is a great choice for anyone looking for a more complete meal replacement since it a whey protein concentrate and not an isolate.  This simply means that more of the whole food profile of the whey protein is still intact whereas whey isolate broken down more so that it is comprised of virtually all protein.


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Whey protein concentrate on the other hand has anywhere between 29% and 80% protein depending upon the product or whey that you decide to choose (any decent whey concentrate has well over 60% protein). It is important to know that as the protein level in whey protein concentrate decreases the amounts of fat (usually only a few grams at the most) and other compounds usually increase as well. Now you may be thinking that you do not want “other” ingredients in your protein at all but let me make one thing clear. I believe that whey protein concentrate is a good choice to make for many people because:

  • It is more of a “whole food” meaning that it contains more of the natural enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins
  • If you choose a grass fed whey protein concentrate you actually want some fat…the fat in grass fed whey is actually incredibly healthy for you and it only comes in very small/trace amounts.
  • It contains more natural antioxidants such as glutathione and more of the nutrients are left intact because concentrate typically requires less processing which is always good

These are the main reasons why choosing whey protein concentrate is a great choice and is also as close to as natural as you can get. It is a highly concentrated form of whey protein yet it still gives you just enough of the other positive health benefits found in whey protein that whey isolate may leave out.

The key is choosing the right whey! Do not go and buy some cheap junk that they sell at your supermarket because that stuff has literally been processed to death from the raising of the cow, to the production of the milk, and to the ultra-high heat killing processing of the whey itself.

What to look for? Grass fed undenatured whey protein concentrate…or isolate as long as it fits this category of grass fed and undenatured – meaning processed at low temperatures to keep the nutrients intact.

Look at it this way. Whey protein concentrate is like eating the apple itself. It is as raw and organic as it comes. Whey protein concentrate is like drinking the apple juice and for that reason some of the great nutritional value is stripped away so you are not getting as high quality of a nutritional supplement that you might be getting otherwise.

Also because of the additionally purity, isolates tend to cost more so from a cost effective standpoint concentrates have another benefit to taking them.

Whey protein concentrates are manufactured from liquid whey by ultra-filtration, dia-filtration, clarification, and drying techniques. The process is what helps keeps all of the essential amino acids, both long and short chain, that are not produced by the body. It is a main reason why they are quickly and easily digestible without the aids of additional protein enzymes and they also help provide the body with an never ending supply of everything it needs to ward off diseases and live for a long time.

It is for this reason why the food and health administration has claimed that because it is so well rounded nutritionally that it is actually considered now to be a superfood which is extremely rare for a supplement. Not only that but they have stated that whey protein concentrates are actually considered to be “perfect” because they contain a perfect biological value of 100%.

This essentially means that your body will utilize and absorb all the nutritional benefits of the whey. So your body will get loaded amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and also the number one antioxidant on the planet known as Glutathione that our bodies are deficient of. This is another incredible benefit of whey protein.

Glutathione is produced in low quantities by our bodies and therefore we need to get more into our system. The only other way to consume this antioxidant is through raw meat, raw eggs, and raw dairy – which is exactly what whey protein is made from.

By consuming daily amounts of whey protein your body will not only feel more energetic but will help you ward off diseases as well. Studies have shown that whey helps to prevent certain causes of cancer as well by helping fight free radicals. These are wandering cell killing machines that not only harm good blood cells but create a large imbalance which is when cancer cells can form.

Also whey protein concentrates (and isolates) have been shown to help avoid Alzheimer’s Disease, helps lower cholesterol, helps lower blood pressure as well as even help prevent the signs of aging which make it another great reason to supplement with your diet.

From a dieting perspective, whey protein helps curb your appetite so you do not over eat. The fact of the matter is obesity is running rampant in the United States and of people over the age of 20 years old, 33.3% are considered to be overweight. This amount comes to a staggering 72 million Americans today and whey protein concentrate is a great way to counteract these incredible statistics.

Also the USDA is doing their part to ensure that whey protein concentrate is as high quality as it can be and in fact goes through strict guidelines to do so. Some of the requirements for the production of dry whey protein concentrate are that all manufacturers must make sure that the finished product contains no less than 25% or more than 89.9% protein.

Additionally, that it does not contain more than 10% milk fat or 5% moisture, as well as not have a ph-factor exceeding 7.0. These guidelines continue to the appearance and even the flavor of the finished product to ensure that the whey protein concentrate and even whey protein isolates that you are consuming are superior and contain that “perfect” protein element throughout the whole process.

So if you are looking to consume the best protein powder on the planet you will want to start by consuming whey protein concentrate.

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