Whey Protein Shakes – Gain Muscle & Lose Body Fat

September 7, 2010 by superch6

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Whey Protein Shakes – Gain Muscle & Lose Body Fat

Whey protein shakes are an excellent addition to any daily diet and in my opinion they are the most important supplement you can take.

Put down your current protein shake!

If you are buying store bought protein shakes like muscle milk, boost, or ensure you are buying nothing more than glorified junk food, that’s the truth.

This is because they are packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and highly processed vitamins that lose their luster and cause energy dips and lack of optimal nutrients your body needs. This leads to a lack of muscle recovery and muscle build that you are essentially trying to get.

Even if you are just taking protein shakes as a meal replacement without working out then you are basically gaining weight. Again these should be viewed as supplements to you not as replacing your lunch.

So is there a better option?

Absolutely! 100% organic grass fed whey protein shakes are hands down the best protein shake your body can utilize. Before I get into the countless reasons why, I’d like to dispel one thing: Soy protein shakes.

There there still is this craze when it comes to soybeans, soy milk, silk, soy protein shakes etc.

Now please listen carefully.

While Soy is better than the store bought brands of mass produced protein powders like boost, they are still not that good for you. They are heat processed, or pasteurized.

How has this slipped past the cracks of the health industry? Well to be honest at the time soy protein came out it was the best, but they still neglected to tell you the negative side effects soy contains that whey protein shakes do not.

So what are they?

Soy is high in phytic acid which prevents the bodies intake from magnesium (which controls your voluntary muscles like arms and legs), calcium (which strengthens bones), iron (which transports oxygen through the body) and zinc (which helps boost your immune system).

That’s pretty important!

Well the great news is whey protein shakes contains countless benefits that are unmatched by any protein shake out on the market.

Whey protein shakes first off have Glutathione, which is the #1 antioxident on the planet. Since it is only consumed through raw meat, raw eggs, and raw milk, it’s safe to say the body is always deficient of this. But whey protein shakes are high in it because process they are obtained.

Now just a side note, I’m talking about 100% raw organic grass-fed whey protein shakes as opposed to regular whey protein shakes isolates. Just to give you a quick overview, isolates when separating the milk liquids in the cow from the milk solid they use pasteurization by heating. Heating kills bacteria and organisms – both good and bad.

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The 100% raw organic grass-fed whey protein shakes, are a brand new form of cold-processed because the extraction of whey protein is produced at such a low heat that the organisms you need are not destroyed but are preserved.

To be blunt: 100% raw organic grass-fed whey protein shakes are the number 1 protein powder you can buy.

Because, I was a professional athlete and I use whey people ask me all the time what are some great pre-workout whey protein shakes and what are optimal post-workout whey protein shakes?

Your pre-workout whey protein shakes should contain a lot of mixed berries.

  • Frozen Mixed Berries (blueberries, huckleberries, blackberries etc)
  • Half a frozen banana (for potassium and avoiding cramping)
  • Half a can of Organic Coconut Milk (for dairy, vitamins, and calories)
  • Splash of water (to make your whey protein shakes thinner consistency)
  • 100% raw organic grass-fed whey protein

I cannot tell you how delicious these whey protein shakes are and to be honest I might need to take a break to make one while writing this.

Ok, I’m back. Did I really make one? Absolutely!

Now post-workout whey protein shakes are a bit different than your pre-workout protein shakes.


Because your body needs to replenish muscle glycogen, which helps your muscles flush out what’s bad toxins and replace it with vitamins and minerals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your post workout whey protein shake should have at least a 2:1 carb ratio.

So in your post-workout whey protein shakes lets add high carb fruits such as pineapples, strawberries, bananas, and a tablespoon of organic honey.

Add another half can of coconut then complete your whey protein shakes with…that’s right…100% raw organic grass fed whey protein.

These whey protein shakes have everything your body needs for pre and post workouts. I would warn you that I do only recommend a couple whey protein powders to put into your whey protein shakes because they are far superior.

So to help you lose that body fat, recover quicker, gain more sustainable energy, understand more of the benefits in whey protein shakes, as well as my recommendations you can check them out here.

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