Whey Protein Side Effects – Is Your Whey Protein Full of Harmful Toxins?

October 21, 2011 by superch6

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Whey Protein Side Effects – Is Your Whey Protein Full of Harmful Toxins?

If you have read any of our other articles on this website regarding whey protein you know that we are big fans of supplementing your diet with healthy whey protein.  However, every so often we get emails from people who have heard from a bad something bad about whey protein and they ask if there are side effects associated with taking whey protein.

While the motive of the friend is great in trying to help out their friend, the problem is that they only have half of the story.  So in this short post I will help you to understand what some of the whey protein side effects are and how you can avoid them.

There was recently a study that came out that identified heavy metal toxins in many of the large company whey protein powders on the market.  As I’m sure you know, the last thing you want to do is pump your body with heavy metals and other toxins for that matter.

It is believed that over 95% of today’s protein powders actually contain toxins of some kind and I would venture to guess that the number is even higher.  The reason is that commercial whey proteins are made with the absolute cheapest (and worst) ingredients possible in order to keep the production costs down as much as possible and profit margins as high as possible.  It’s sad that people choose profit over health so frequently these days.

Another reason for the increased toxicity level is due to adding artificial ingredients that only have adverse effects on your health.

As you may already know whey protein comes from cow’s milk which in it’s natural state is extremely healthy for you if you know how to choose correctly.  Traditional milk that is sourced from conventional farming practices today is from feedlot cows that are fed an unnatural diet of grains, corn, and soy – all of which are genetically modified.  The milk that comes from these unhealthy grain fed cows is like junk food for your body and contains very little of the essential digestive enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins found in healthy milk.

Also, standard milk from grain fed cows, which is over 99% of the milk in the United States, goes through a process of ultra-pasteurization that effectively kills all of the good and bad bacteria in the milk.  This process uses extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time to heat the milk.  The problem with this kind of processing is that it also kills all of the healthy digestive enzymes in the milk that are what allow our bodies to properly break down the milk and absorb all of it’s nutrients.  The whey protein that is sourced from this kind of milk is virtually unusable by your body as it cannot properly digest it since it has very few if any of its natural health components still intact.

So where can I find health whey protein from healthy milk sources?

Luckily there is a trend happening now to get back to the basics which we have strayed so far from.  This means allowing cows to feed on open organic pastures that are free from pesticides and growth hormones year round.  This allows the animals to eat their natural diet of forage, get much needed sunlight that they convert into vitamin D in their bodies, and produce superior milk with incredible health benefits.  It also means not pasteurizing the milk.  You may have to forget what you have taught for decades about raw milk being bad for you because that is simply not true.  Raw milk is extremely healthy and was once used as a medicine to cure a myriad of diseases.  You simply must make sure that the milk is from healthy open pasture grass fed cows.

In fact, the reason that many people today are lactose intolerant has nothing to do with the milk itself and everything to do with the production methods.  Pasteurized milk kills the healthy digestive enzymes in milk and make it virtually impossible for your body to process.  With a few rare exceptions, people with lactose intolerance have zero side effects when they drink raw milk.

And the same goes for whey protein.  There are zero whey protein side effects when the protein comes from raw grass fed cow’s milk (with a few very rare exceptions).  The key is finding a whey protein that is “undenatured” as well.  This means that the best processing methods have been used and the protein was manufactured at low temperatures allowing all of the essential nutrients and enzymes to remain undamaged.  Therefore, you are getting the maximum nutritional benefit out of your whey protein.

Not only does this kind of healthy whey protein contain no side effects, it is now considered a superfood by many in the true health community.  So simply by choosing the right kind of whey protein you can go from side effects to nothing but excellent benefits.

You can read more about the benefits of whey protein that is from grass fed cows here.

So as an informed consumer what choice will you make when it comes to your health and your whey protein?  On the one hand you can save some money but get an inferior protein that is ultra-processed and sourced from grain fed cows or you can get the amazing nutritional benefits from a healthy, living, undenatured, grass fed whey protein.  Sure, because of the quality of this kind of whey protein you will pay a few extra bucks but if you take whey protein every day it only comes out to a few cents a day.

One whey protein side effect we didn’t mention was the effect that it has on the environment.  Commercial whey protein from grain fed feedlot cows is quite honestly terrible for the environment.  Feedlot “farming” takes from the environment without putting anything back in making it completely unsustainable.

However, grass fed cows are allowed to roam in open pastures and since they are so healthy they actually fertilize the pastures with manure which provides the soil with natural nutrients to stay healthy and continually produce healthy grass.  Nature has it right, we simply got in the way and tried to outsmart nature but have failed miserably.  Only now are the failed efforts of irresponsible traditional farming methods coming to light but luckily there are a select few people who are doing it the right way and are producing the best and healthiest products.

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