About Us

August 27, 2010 by superch6

Our mission is to research and find the absolute best whey protein powders in the world. Every product we recommend we use ourselves because we believe that they are the highest quality.

In today’s world, large corporation are so concerned with their profit margins and bottom line that they have lost sight of the people that keep them in business…their customers. As a result, they have chosen inferior ingredients and process their products for mass production rather than doing it the right way.

However, there is good news because we have found some superior whey protein producers that we truly believe in and we fully support their choice of ingredients and their process of making whey powders. We have found that these companies truly care about their customers and what their customers put in their bodies.

A lot of time and research has gone into finding these companies and ensuring that they are providing the absolute highest quality whey proteins for you. It is our belief that whey protein is one of the absolute best and most beneficial foods you can ingest. And we want you to get everything you can out of this amazing food.

Furthermore, we only recommend using whey protein that is from grass fed raw milk. The cow’s that the milk comes from in all of our suggested products only graze on natural grass pastures…they are never fed grain or corn which is not part of their natural diet.

The milk is never processed and denatured using high heat which kills all of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes.

We hope that you care as much about your body as we care about ours…please take a look around this site and learn about whey protein and where you can get the highest quality whey in the world.